.Test Card

An audio responsive video installation. This was installed as part of a developing design project called KEIN BEDARF AN NICHTS (No Need For Nothing) at the MALZFABRIK space in Berlin.


- Isadora patching

- Multi-Projection

- Live audio feed

Testcard 02
Testcard 03

.Kirilan Photography

Custom build and testing of Kirlian Photography device for artist Jeremy Shaw. Used primarily with unexposed Polaroid film to capture contact prints. Also has transparent plate for video capture.


- HV power via ignition coil

- Unexposed Polaroid film

- Transparent Electrode for video capture

- Image courtesy of Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy 01
Kirlian Device 03
Kirlian Device 02
Kirlian Device 01

.Maker Tools

Design and 3d print of custom tools for Alpha Cruxis. Name stamp holder used to imprint brand name in leather.


- 3d Modelling

- Printed on a modified Reprap

- PLA plastic

Stamp 02
Stamp 03
Stamp 04

.Sensor Synthesizer

Prototype for a live art audio sythesizer. Audio is generated by a base module which can be effected by the performers movements and ambient light level. Data captured via sensors worn by the performer are wirelessly transmitted to the base module for processing.


- Arduino Nano / XBee

- Code based upon Arduino Synth

- Independant Light sensor

* In development *

- Custom 3d printed casing

- Multiple sensors (Accelrometer, Gyro, Temp)

- Mozzi library integration

Sensor 02